Sci-fi Survival Airship Game Forever Skies Announced for PC and Consoles

Forever Skies

Polish developer Far From Home (veterans that worked on Dying Light, Outriders) have announced sci-fi action survival game Forever Skies for PC and consoles.

Forever Skies is set for a Steam Early Access release for Windows PC sometime in 2022, with a full release set across PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. The game certainly has a focus on airships, which seem to be rare in new game releases these days.

Players can expect “about 30 hours” of gameplay in the early access build that will give them “plenty of mechanics and activities to play within a vast world ready to be explored.” As this is early access, it will be missing features that will come with the full launch – like four-player cooperative mode. A full release is planned for sometime roughly a year after its early access launch.

Here’s a new trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Forever Skies is a first-person action survival game. Return to Earth destroyed by an ecological disaster, fly a high-tech airship, expand, rebuild and repair it. Scavenge resources to survive, face the dangers of the surface as you will hunt for viral pathogens to cure a mysterious illness.

Build and Control Your Airship

You will build and customize a high-tech airship. It will be your home, workshop, laboratory and more while flying above the surface of Earth. Control and steer it towards the ruins of our civilization and mysterious anomalies. Manage your airship hull and its integrity. Extract and gather resources to improve your airship and make it uniquely yours.

Utilize Science to Survive

Your scientific know-how will allow you to build and operate different machines. Analyze scanned items and reverse engineer lost technology. Research new ways of obtaining food and resources, discover new tools, and increase the chance of your survival.

Scavenge Ruined Skies

Explore and extract resources from the ruins that were built up high to escape the dust. Surrounded by drifting debris caused by a strange anomaly, harvest it into raw materials to help you survive. Explore and discover the remains of our civilization. Find out what happened and why Earth evolved to a place where we lost control of our previous position at the top. Discover secrets of our past.

Descend Below the Dust

After descending below the dust, you will discover a strange new world, the planet’s surface that changed in our absence. Face evolved fauna and flora and hunt for viral pathogens to cure a mysterious illness threatening your family.

Return to Earth

Forever Skies is an action-survival game taking place on Earth, which was devastated by a global ecological disaster. This event caused the surface of the planet to be covered in a colossal layer of toxic dust. You’re returning to our planet hundreds of years later – will you recognize our world?

Meet the Team

We’re Far From Home, an experienced game dev team based in Wroclaw, Poland. We are a group of friends and colleagues that worked together on quite a few projects before. We gained experience working with titles such as Dying Light series, Divinity Original Sin series, The Medium, Outriders, League of Legends and many others.



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