For Honor is getting cross-play finally, years after release

For Honor is getting cross-play

Publisher Ubisoft and developer Ubisoft Montreal announced For Honor is getting cross-play finally, years after it launched.

While the game launched just over five years ago in 2017, news that For Honor is getting cross-play has the big new release set for March 17th, and it’s coming in two phases.

The first phase will kick off the beginning of the game’s plans for its sixth year of content, with phase two in active development – which Ubisoft didn’t confirm when that will come this year.

When cross-play initially rolls out, it will combine the matchmaking pools for all users on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation – making matchmaking easier and obviously faster, as it remains unclear what the active playerbase is like across all three platforms (Editor’s Note: Steamdb confirms a 24hr average concurrency of 4.7k users).

Ubisoft has warned that players will have to re-establish their skill rating, and voice chat will initially be disabled for all crossplay matches – but they are planning to reintroduce that later.

Phase two will bring with it another hotly-anticipated feature: crossplay groups with your friends, as the initial phase won’t let you play with friends on different platforms.

It’s worth reiterating that cross-play will include almost all of the game’s main modes including PvE and PvP, but won’t include Campaign, Training, Ranked, or Arcade.

Custom mode won’t be supported by cross-play initially, but phase two will fix this. Also, cross-play will be the default setting for all players, but you can opt-out of it a well.

Lastly, the development update didn’t confirm whether or not cross-progression or saves will be a thing, however considering this is literally a game from five years ago, it’s interesting Ubisoft is still supporting it.

For Honor has been available for Windows PC (via Steam, Ubisoft), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and more recently got a next-gen release on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

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