Pixelated reverse city-builder Flooded now available


Co-publishers Surefire Games and Artificial Disasters have released Flooded, a new reverse city-builder where you try to survive on tiny islands that get tinier as they sink.

Flooded is now available in all its pixelated glory for Windows PC (via Steam and GOG).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Flooded is a reversed city-builder, in which you need to optimize your production on an island that shrinks over time. Gather enough resources to flee to safety, while the surrounding world is getting flooded.


  • SURVIVE THE FLOOD – Most likely due to global warming, the waters have risen to a level leaving only a handful of places habitable. As a small group of survivors, you need to extract resources in order to build an ark and move to a safer place. But beware, with time the waters are getting higher, leaving you with less land to use!
  • MANAGE YOUR PROUCTION – Use different buildings to excavate precious resources. Upgrade them in order to maximize the production speed, find relics that will boost your performance and develop new technologies which will allow you to keep up the production rate on a smaller area.
  • DEFEND THE ISLAND – Turns out you’re not alone in this hostile environment. Other survivors have settled on nearby islands and they will take every chance to plunder your land. Build various defensive towers and traps to keep your miners safe.
  • EXPLORE DIVERSE ISLANDS – Once your island plunges into the ocean, you will need to find a new piece of land. Make sure you gather enough resources in time to build an arc and explore the unknown waters. Beware, you will encounter different biomes, each with their own set of characteristics!
  • UNCOVER THE STORY – With global warming being the one of the main issues of today’s society, it seems to be the easiest explanation of the worldwide flood. But is it really the reason why you are trapped on an island, fighting for survival and trying to reach the tallest mountain? Play the story mode to find out!
  • ROGUE-LITE RTS – Although Flooded will be story-driven, it will also include rogue-lite elements. Thanks to the procedurally generated islands, each playthrough will be different, while new commanders and relics unlocked with progress will allow you to apply different strategies. Create your own scenario in Quickplay or try the Endless mode, in which the level of water will lower every time you enter a new era, therefore giving you back some land.
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