Flame Over is a Roguelike Starring a Firefighter

flame over 03-30-14-1

Remember Flame Over, that firefighter themed roguelike by Laughing Jackal? The small indie studio announced it back in August of last year, but sadly nothing was really shown since then – until now.

The game is the first full 3D game, and the first they’ve ever developed in Unity, and it’s set to come exclusively to the Playstation Vita in the second half of this year. Despite the game’s silence since its reveal, Laughing Jackal has promised that they’ve been hard at work polishing up the visuals and performance of the title.

While we still don’t have any gameplay to go off of, there are two shiny new screenshots that actually show off the game in action. As mentioned before, the game is a roguelike and coming from that, it will test both your critical tihnking, as well as your patience. One wrong move and Blaze Carruthers could be dead, and in Flame Over, death is permanent.

flame over 03-30-14-2

There are four different types of zones for you to extinguish blazing fires in, saving lives, and sometimes just trying to save yourself. While you’re navigating the offices, school buildings, and just plain houses to save people, you might even have the chance to save a kitty or two.



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