Fishing and Zombie Games Coming to the 3DS Mii Plaza

mii plaza 04-01-15-1

Nintendo has announced during their Nintendo Direct broadcast today that two new Mii Plaza games are coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

The two new games, Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z, will have you fishing and fighting zombies, respectively. Ultimate Angler will let you send players to different StreetPass islands, where you have to reel in 150 different types of fish, including some rare monster types. In Battleground Z, your Miis will battle legions of the undead, with your characters fighting roles based off your hobbies. There will be 26 different weapons in the game.

Both of these Mii Plaza games will cost $4.99 at their release (or $7.99 together), although a release date was not confirmed.

Lastly, Nintendo is putting out StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium on April 16th, a place where 3DS owners can store up to 100 of their favorite or specialized Miis. You can even store Mii birthdays. This new pack will also be paid downloadable content, setting you back $4.99.



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