First Screenshots, Story Details, and Female Protagonist for NieR: Automata Revealed

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This week’s Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation (via Games Talk) have given us a closer look at the story and protagonist of Square Enix and Platinum Games’ upcoming NieR sequel, NieR: Automata.

You can find the new screenshots, artwork, and more both above as well as below:

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In the distant future, aliens suddenly invaded. They sent out weapons known as “mechanized life-forms.” In response to their overwhelming superiority, humanity fled to the moon.

In an effort to retake Earth, the remnants of mankind created a resistance unit of combat-style android soldiers. To hopefully end the stalemate, humanity created the “YoRHa” unit, a new and advanced android soldier.

In the desolate spaces of land where humans cannot live, the mechanized life-forms and the androids fight. This war is paramount to unlocking the door to an unforeseen truth.

The protagonist, the YoRHa No. 2 Type B android, is a combat-oriented android that is sent out as part of the infantry. Despite her outwardly female appearance, her actual gender is unknown.

Her attacks are mostly short range sword-based attacks, as well as long-range shots via her “pod” support system. She always wears something over her face, and because of this, not much of her real face is shown.

The various combat androids were created by humanity after their escape to the moon. The YoRHa android units have no real names, instead, they’re identified by their own unique identification numbers.

Despite being completely forbidden to feel emotions, each model has their own quirks. An example is given with the protagonist, YoRHa No. 2 Type B, who is supposedly cool and collected.

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The mechanized life-forms that invaded earth are called this because they are autonomous in nature, and can self-repair, replicate, and or restore themselves. No one truly knows how powerful they are, however, they were formidable enough to push humans to flee to the moon.

In case you missed it, you can read our previous report on the game, in which we detailed the game’s key staff, basic story outline, and more.

A release date for NieR: Automata has yet to be confirmed, although we might get some new information for the game tomorrow, during Square Enix’s Paris Games Week stage presentation.

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