First Look at Mikurio from Tales of Zestiria

Famitsu has put up a new preview for a new character from Tales of Zestiria, the latest in Namco Bandai’s flagship RPG series that is coming to Playstation 3. Mikurio is the newly revealed character, he is described as the protagonist Slay’s childhood friend, so naturally they seem close.

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Slay is a human, while Mikurio is a member of the Family of Heaven, and both of them were raised together since childbirth. They acknowledge that they’re from different races of humans, but that has never become an issue between them as friends as Slay has always been able to visit Mikurio frequently.

Here’s something of importance, however, as normal humans cannot visibly see members of the Family of Heaven. Due to his pure heart and high spirituality, Slay is able to see Mikurio and other members of the Family of Heaven. Things get interesting when Mikurio eventually meets Alicia, who cannot see him. Naturally this simply confounds Mikurio and Slay, although the story progresses from there.

Slay is previously described as free spirited and optimistic, while Mikurio is described as a calm, thoughtful type of person. Despite the fact that they frequently argue over Slay’s translating of ancient archaeological findings, their relationship together as friends is ultimately a complimentary one.

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The Family of Heaven is previously mentioned as a tribal structured people who are described as an object of faith. Their physical bodies are essentially the vessels that hold their true, pure form within, and they can manipulate the physical world through the “Heaven Echo Artes.”

As mentioned before, only certain humans can actually see and interact with the Family of Heaven, those who are spiritually gifted. These special individuals are called Monks, and they would eventually sign a contract to become the physical vessel for them. Unfortunately, their existence, their ability to use the power of the Family, and the people with the knowledge of this phenomenon, has been lost to time.

Check out some more scans from Famitsu below:

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