First In-Game Areal Footage Shown

Poor Areal, they can’t seem to get a break, can they? To quell talk within the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. community that they are running a scam Kickstarter, they decided to upload a video of early game footage to prove the title is real.

How well this worked, or how much it impresses an already disgusted and fed-up community remains to be seen. You can make your own judgement about its authenticity by watching the video in question, which is linked below:

The problem this time? Other than the fact that the character has arms comically long enough to be a character in Mike Tyson’s Punch-out and the gun looks exactly like the AK-47 clone in every other game I’ve ever played, it seems the game uses assets from Unity’s built in creation tools. Clever gamers and Unity developers were quick to point this out, though West Games has yet to answer any criticisms related to this.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a logic jump, but it still wouldn’t surprise me if it was true. Releasing such hideously bad and rushed footage (They claim it took them two weeks to make this) doesn’t help this already floundering project. It raises more questions than it answers, which is something West Games doesn’t need right now.

It also doesn’t help them that they’ve release the most awkward looking developer video Since Bill Gate’s infamous Windows 95 DOOM presentation:

Somewhat interesting is the fact that these two videos do not have their comments locked yet, or at least not as of this post’s creation. This is odd since they have been known for blocking and deleting comments as well as outright disabling them on youtube. Hopefully this works for Areal’s developers, since they are still stuck at 37,000 of their 50,000 goal and has only six days left to break through that seemingly insurmountable barrier.

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