First Gameplay Trailer for Need for Speed Heat

Electronic Arts and developer Ghost Games have shared the first gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Heat.

Featured above, the first gameplay trailer was shown off for the game at this year’s Gamescom.

You can find the full run-down below:

Hustle by day. Risk it all by night. In Need for Speed Heat.

The Heat is coming in November – Need for Speed™ Heat, our all-new street racer where the line of the law fades with the setting sun.

Need for Speed Heatis set in Palm City, a street racer’s paradise and a vibrant metropolitan area made up of many unique districts ready for exploring. By day, Palm City hosts the Speedhunters Showdown, a series of sanctioned races where you can earn Bank by pushing the limits in high-stakes race, drift, and off-road events.

Daytime in Palm City allows you to explore a bright sunny, urban environment where you fill your garage with customizable dream cars, assemble a crew of like-minded speed demons, and test your racing chops in legit competition against the world’s toughest drivers. When your car is ready, head into the night.

Own the Night

After the sun goes down the intensity ramps up – and with it the risk – when Palm City transforms into a neon playground for illicit street racing.

There aren’t any rules at night. But there’s plenty of danger. Night in Palm City is all about taking chances, battling it out in no-holds-barred races, and risking everything to boost your rep. Night is a time of nonstop conflict when ever-escalating threats are looking to take you down.

Why drive at night? It’s simple, really. You drive at night to make a name for yourself when the stakes are highest. To prove you belong. To defend your place, your rank, and your status against everything and everyone. Including the law.

Take on the Corrupt Cops

The cops you encounter during the day in Palm City are the lawful guardians of the road – they play by the rules.

At night, a much darker side is revealed. There’s no law when the sun sets in Palm City, and “law enforcement” is nothing but a twisted excuse for corrupt cops to ride your tail and take you down.

These rogue cops are predators on the hunt for you, your ride, and your freedom, and they’ll stop at nothing to take it all and burn you and your tricked-out car to the ground.

Customize Your Ride

Winning is the name of the game in Palm City. Winning unlocks more options in your garage. Winning boosts your crew. Winning increases your notoriety. That said, first place doesn’t mean anything if you don’t do it in style.

That’s why your garage is critical in Need for Speed Heat. Your garage is your sanctuary. It’s a safehouse for you and your crew to celebrate colossal wins – or to lick your wounds and regroup after soul-crushing beatdowns. It’s also the ultimate workshop for building and customizing your dream car.

From wild colors to go-faster stripes to tons of high-performance options, you’ll have everything you need in your garage to trick out and tweak your car to match your driving style.

While everyone has a Need for Speed in Palm City, they also have a need for expression and creativity. Now you can push the limits of your imagination to build a car that stands for something special – a car that stands for you. Dig more into customization.

Build a Tight Crew

Hustling by day is the first step toward making a name for yourself in Palm City.

As you rack up wins, you’ll also start to attract the attention of individuals itching to join your crew. This is your team. Your squad. Your tribe. Banding together to form a tight crew is essential for crushing that extra mile, and the one after that.

The more you win, the more you boost your rep and assemble a crew that’ll stick with you day and night through every adrenaline-fueled challenge that comes your way.

The Heat Is On

The roads, the risks, and the rides are endless in Need for Speed Heat, a turbo-charged street racer where the stakes don’t get any higher than when you’re locked in a toe-to-toe, bumper-to-bumper, anything-goes battle with the corrupt Palm City PD.

Will you take the biggest risks to earn the biggest rewards? Will you own the night to make a name for yourself when the stakes are highest? And when the cops come for you, will you have what it takes to burn them down and win the ultimate prize?


Check out the new features for building your ultimate dream car.

Hustling by day and risking it all by night in Need for Speed™ Heat takes superior driving skill. It also takes building the perfect high-octane, anything-goes, street-racing machine. Thankfully, you now have more customization options than ever to tweak and tune your dream car to match your style.

Let’s look under the hood (so to speak) at some of the new features you’ll need to master to own the streets of Palm City.

Choose Your Setup

Every driver has different skills, different styles, and different likes and dislikes when it comes to tuning their car. You now have more options for setting up your car exactly how you want it.

Looking to dial in your ride for a drift event? Need your wheels to grip the tight turns on a slick street? Or do you simply want to build the fastest battlewagon ever seen on the streets of Palm City? In Need for Speed Heat, you can take any car and give it the handling style you like or need. From Grip to Drift to Off-Road. The choice is yours. Whatever you want for your car’s setup, we have you covered.

Swap Engines to Boost Your Car

From the minute you enter the garage, you have tons of parts for building and tinkering with your high-performance car. And, for the first time in a Need for Speed game, you can swap engines to boost nearly every car in the game to the highest rating. By swapping engines, you can transform your battered, beloved, low-rated ride into a high-powered, road-owning filthy beast of a machine.

Night Racing Is Risky Business

Winning both day- and night-time events in Need for Speed Heat can lead to new gear. That said, you’ll get better rewards after the sun sets. Keep in mind, however, that night racing is a risky business. How risky, you ask? Let’s just say you can very quickly lose everything if you don’t survive to see the sun rise. Winning some night events can even reward you with unique high-end parts for your car – but you have to get them back to the garage, because if the cops catch up, they’ll take them off you!

In addition to bigger rewards at night, you can also score valuable Heat boosts by hitting cop cars, escaping from the law, and winning races.

Sounds Like Victory

There’s nothing more satisfying than leaving your opponents in the dust with the full-throttled rumble of your car’s tailpipe blaring in their ears.

In Need for Speed Heat, the sound of your car’s exhaust changes based on your engine and exhaust system. And, for the first time in a Need for Speed game, you can customize your exhaust system to create a truly unique and memorable sound.

Whether you blast the competition – and the rogue cops – with a high-pitched whine or a booming roar, be sure to make something they won’t soon forget.

More Ways to Express Yourself

Sure, you need a super-fast car, but you also need to look good while setting the pace. Fortunately, you can customize the look of your ride with a massive assortment of paint and finish options, including combinations you’ve never seen before in a Need for Speed game.

Metal flake. Color flip. Carbon fibre. Iridescent materials. Gloss, satin, and matte finishes. Come on now, you know you want to look good while earning your rep in the night-time neon playground.

Character Customization

In another first for Need for Speed, you can now customize your character, too. So, when you’re done tweaking your car to perfection, you can craft a character to fit your mood, your style, and the look and feel of your ride.

Create an avatar that no one will forget as you’re making a name for yourself in the street racer’s paradise of Palm City.

The full list of cars available in the game can be found on the official website here.

In addition, EA announced their new Need for Speed Heat Studio App. The app will allow users to customize their cars from their smartphone, and apply them to their cars when the game launches. Each week, new cars will be added. By meeting progression points through customizing, hidden cars via these updates will be unlocked. Need for Speed Heat Studio is available now on Android and iOS.

Need for Speed Heat will launch November 8th for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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