First Expansion for Offworld Trading Company “Jupiter’s Forge” Announced

Stardock Corporation and developer Mohawk Games have announced the first expansion for Offworld Trading Company.

Dubbed simply “Jupiter’s Forge,” the new expansion brings with it a new planet (in this case a moon orbiting Jupiter), Io, new buildings, and a new resource system, and more. Featured above, you can view the expansion’s announcement trailer.

Here’s a brief overview of new things coming in the expansion:

  • New planet: Io
  • New resource system
  • New factions: The Penrose Collective and The Diadem Trust
  • New resource: Basalt
  • New buildings and structures
  • New patents and black market events
  • New map events: radiation storms, sulfur frosts, landslides, and tremors
  • 1000 Map Challenge

As the moon of Io is volcanic in nature, you can expect the environment will be treacherous and magma-infused. “The further out into space we go, the harder survival becomes,” said lead designer Soren Johnson.

The original game focused on Mars, where resources were plentiful. That’s not the case with Io, as resources are definitely finite and will deplete over time – making the competition that much more desperate. Players will have to adapt to a new resource hierarchy than previously known on Mars or Ceres if they want to survive.

Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter’s Forge launches in late spring of this year. The base game is currently available for PC And Mac, via Steam.

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