First 4 Figures announces The Great Mighty Poo statue

The Great Mighty Poo

Boutique statue maker First 4 Figures is at it again. This time, they’ve prepped up a giant poop statue, or The Great Mighty Poo from Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

While a price isn’t known yet, there is no price too high for such an astounding piece of art. Judging by the promo shots also shared (seen below), the Great Mighty Poo looks like it’s massive but its dimensions are as follows: 14.4″ high, 17.8″ wide, and 17″ deep, with a weight of roughly 19 pounds.

For those who pay attention to details, this fecal monument has “realistic sculpted feces texture” and a highly detailed, appropriately sized miniature of Conker himself – who is seen throwing toilet paper into the Poo’s giant, gaping brown hole.

Here’s some more photos:

For those who’ve never had the wonderful opportunity to play Conker’s Bad Fur Day, eventually you find yourself in a realm literally covered in poop.

After traversing the poop land, you fight the boss of the poo, The Great Mighty Poo himself, an opera-singing and probably misunderstood turd tenor that throws poop at Conker. The only way to beat him is – you guessed it – throwing toilet paper in his mouth.

The toilet-paper throwing is forever memorialized in First 4 Figures’ statue of The Great Mighty Poo. Other easily intimidated internet users out there have already begun gawking at this staggering accomplishment, claiming it’s too big and too, well, poopy, but I’d proudly have this on my coffee table. Did I mention I memorized all of the Great Mighty Poo’s song?

Here’s a teaser trailer of the staggering statue:

Preorders for The Great Mighty Poo launch on August 3rd and if you’re interested you can even get a $10 off coupon by signing up on the First 4 Figures website.

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