Fire Emblem: Three Houses 1.1.0 Update and Expansion Pass DLC Wave 3 Available Now

Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ version 1.1.0 update and the Expansion Pass Wave 3 DLC are out now.

First, the 1.1.0 update increases the number of save files, the ability for characters to wear their monastery costume in battle, removing the UI when looking at their characters in the Unit Appearance menu, and even a new ally on the Crimson Flower story path (accessed via playing as the Black Eagles house). While the patch-notes are coy about this character’s identity, the official website shows this is the Officer Academy’s teacher Jeritza.

The DLC meanwhile grants the ability to recruit Anna after completing a special quest, the new sauna activity, a way to give gifts to cats and dogs (and earn gifts yourself); along butler and maid battalions, and new costumes (Servants Attire, Summer Wear, and Evening Wear).

You can find the full run-down on new features below, and the full patch notes for bug fixes here.

New and Updated Features

  • Increased the number of save files from 5 to 25. Note: Increased number of save files will require approximately 12MB of additional system memory space. If you don’t have enough space, you can delete some application data or images saved in the album.
  • Added a new option, In Battle, in Appearance Options, allowing the player to select the monastery outfits for battle as well.
    • Note: You can set this from the Unit Appearance menu in Personal Quarters.
    • Note: Depending on the outfit/character/class combination, some outfits may not be reflected for mounted units.
  • Added feature that allows players to hide the UI when viewing a character in Unit Appearance.
  • Added new allies that will join in Part 2: Crimson Flower.
  • Changed the song that plays in the opening movie to the Korean version when the system language is set to Korean.
  • Added additional quests and new outfits (Servants Attire, Summer Wear, and Evening Wear) from the Expansion Pass.
    • Note: Additional quests include new activities, such as the sauna, feeding cats and dogs, and recruiting new battalions.
    • Note: Additional quests are marked with a light-blue icon during Exploration.
    • Note: New outfits (Servants Attire, Summer Wear, and Evening Wear) are provided for the protagonist and for the playable characters. They can be selected via Personal Quarters in the monastery.
  • Added an additional element of the Expansion Pass, making Anna available for recruiting in the monastery after the third chapter, Mutiny in the Mist.
    • Note: Anna can participate in battles and activities.
    • Note: Anna does not have Support relationships.
    • Note: Recruiting Anna unlocks a new paralogue after a certain chapter.
    • Note: It’s possible to set Anna as a traveler, but the recipient cannot recruit her as an Adjutant unless they also own the Expansion Pass.
    • Note: If a player has not purchased the Expansion Pass, only one of the new characters in the Expansion Pass can visit as a traveler.
  • Added Gifts for Dogs and Cats to the viewable rankings during the loading screen and the calendar screen while playing online.

Along with various bug fixes, the patch notes do mention that Intelligent Systems “Revised some text.” This may be akin to the recent changes to Bernadetta’s support dialogue, seemingly made to be more accurate to the original Japanese. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out now on Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review here (we highly recommend it!)

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