Fire Emblem If Coming West in 2016

Nintendo has confirmed that Fire Emblem If is heading west next year in both North America and Europe.

The new game is the latest in the Fire Emblem series, and it’s quite gorgeous looking. The game lets you customize your own character, which turns out to be the protagonist, instead of a secondary character. Featured above, you can sample a new trailer for the game.

The story is focused on the Hoshido and Nohr kingdoms, who are embroiled in war. The player will decide which kingdom they fight for, which ultimately falls down to loyalty, or your bloodline. There are two sides to every story, and the path you choose will shape your fate. The world and the characters will always be the same, however, the story will change with your decisions.

The Hoshido path is a more traditional one, with a story that is more akin to what fans have seen in previous games. The Nohr story, on the other hand, tasks you with starting a revolution from within an unruly kingdom, with a very diverse and more challenging story.

The game will be released as two individual games in Japan, Fire Emblem If: White Kingdom and Fire Emblem If: Black Kingdom, costing 4,700 yen each. If you purchase one game, the other one can be downloaded for 1,852 yen. An even larger part three of the story is planned for a release some time in the future. Finally, a limited edition is coming with all three story perspectives, for 9,250 yen.

Previously, we had gotten a tease at the game’s western localization thanks to a Nintendo Australia email that listed the game for a TBA date.

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