Firaxis is Developing a New Game, But It’s Not XCOM or Civilization

Firaxis, the studio mostly known for the Sid Meier’s Civilization and XCOM reboot franchises, are working on their next title – but sounds like something different altogether.

The developer is working on their next game, however it won’t be Civilization or XCOM, news confirmed in an interview with 2K Games president David Ismailer and

“We did Civ, then we did XCOM, and now we’re looking hopefully to add one more to that portfolio,” Ismailer said. The rest of the interview has Ismailer going over the company’s three priorities moving forward: growing their portfolio, resource expansion, and keeping players engaged with games for longer.

“We’re looking to expand and grow our portfolio, whether it’s internally developing more products, or it’s adding more long-term partnerships to our 2K product line,” Ismailer said. “We’re looking for quality products to deliver to consumers with long engagement.”

In terms of the sheer volume of projects 2K is hoping to get off the ground, Ismailer said “We have more ideas than we have resources to execute on. So I’d grow my portfolio a lot faster if I actually increased my capacity and added significantly more on the development resource side.”

The final bit from Ismailer echoes their previous statement, where they’re planning microtransactions for all their future games. “I sometimes think of it as an amusement park. You go to an amusement park, the more rides they have, the longer you stay there. Then sometimes the amusement park has a nighttime event and I stay until that event; they keep me in there.

And occasionally they build a new roller coaster, and I come back to experience that roller coaster. We’re building our games in the same way. We need live events, we need post-launch content, we need to keep the consumer engaged once they get in.”

Firaxis’ latest game, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, is currently available for PC. In case you missed it, you can find my thorough written / video review of the game here (I highly recommend it!).



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