Final New Character Revealed for HuniePop 2 – Tomboy Ashley

The developer of Hunie Pop 2 has revealed another new character- Ashley Rosemarry.

Posting on Twitter, HunieDev explains that she is an original character by Hunie Pop lead artist “Kopianget“.

HunieDev also confirmed in another tweet that “Ashley is the last girl to be announced but she’ll actually be the first girl you encounter in the game.” Based on how there were secret girls in the first Hunie Pop game, we are sure to see more than what we have been shown thus far.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the character:

Ashley’s a super chill, tomboyish type of girl with a dirty sense of humor. When she’s not busy modeling for the Stay Black fashion brand, she’s doing shows with her indie band.

Hunie Pop 2 is set to release 2019 on Windows PC and Mac.



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