Final Horizon is the Evolution of Tower Defense and RTS

Final Horizon SS 1

Final Horizon is a tower defense melded with a real time strategy game. It’s being developed by Eiconic Games – a UK developer behind the recent Vita release Total Recoil.

Although the game is described as a real time strategy game, it’s also described as an evolution of a tower defense game. The bugs won’t be walking down preset paths with you setting up the best towers.

The bugs in this game will use every ability and weapon to try taking you and the other colonists out. The goal of the game is obviously to survive the waves of “insectors” that are trying to get you off their turf.

Any further details about the gameplay were scant as the game is in its early development stages but it sounds promising, especially for Vita as it needs more strategy games.

You can check out more concept art below:

Final Horizon SS 2 Final Horizon SS 3



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