Final Fantasy XVI to Have Mode for Those Who “Want to Focus on the Story”

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida shared hints at the game’s story, along with a mode for those who “want to focus on the story.”

In an interview with the One Morning radio show (translation: DualShockers), Yoshida discussed his experiences with games in the past (such as Street Fighter III 3rd Strike), his musical tastes, and hints for aspiring developers. He then moved onto discussing Final Fantasy XVI.

When asked what kind of game it would be, Yoshida did not say more than what was already confirmed. “Hmm, we only released one trailer for now. As it shows, this time we’re focusing a lot on action. We’re making an FF game featuring a lot of action and story.”

He was then asked about players who do not like action games. “Of course, Final Fantasy has a lot of players who just want to enjoy the story,” Yoshida admitted. “So we have a mode and things to support players who want to focus on the story. We’re of course preparing things like simpler controls too. So there’s no need to worry on that front.”

This could be akin to Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s Classic Mode; where all action was automated. All characters would move and attack as they would when controlled by the AI, with the player only dictating when the character they are controlling would use magic and Limit Breaks.

Yoshida was also asked about the story of Final Fantasy XVI. He did not reveal much, but explained how even those who suffer the hardships of adult life can enjoy the story; something he also strives for with Final Fantasy XIV. 

“There’s really not more I can say for now. I’m part of the generation that has been playing Final Fantasy since its beginnings, at release. I’m almost 50 years old, so I’ve experienced a lot of things in my life.

So I want to make games that even those who know about how hard life can be at times can still enjoy. The kind of distress you experience after you’ve become an adult.

That’s what I strive for with FF14 and the story of the Warrior of Light too. I think FF16 will be a fantasy for those who grew up with Final Fantasy, and also know the harsh reality of the world. I can’t tell you more or I’ll get yelled at, I think I already told you a lot.”

This may mean the game’s themes involve growing up, taking on new responsibilities, or learning about dire truths of the world.

When the official website updated with new information on the game’s world and characters, the world has giant crystals that grant people magic, but a blight spreading across the land threatens the uneasy peace between nations. The world also has Dominants; those who can summon powerful creatures.

Whether these Dominants are treated as royalty, feared, or used, all are forced into their fate as a Dominant. Clive Rosfield was expected to inherit the power of the Phoenix Dominant, but it instead went to his younger brother Joshua.

Clive then began to search for a new purpose, learning how to use a sword. Becoming a guard for Joshua, Clive’s new purpose was cut short by the dark Eikon Ifrit, “setting him on a dangerous road to revenge.”

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5.

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