Final Fantasy XVI rating confirms game has prostitutes, hate crimes, more

Final Fantasy XVI

It seems like we’re going to get a release date for Final Fantasy XVI soon, due to the numerous ratings popping up for the RPG from around the world.

The latest rating from Brazil (via Reddit) has revealed the game is possibly one of the most adult Final Fantasy titles ever made, with the Latin ratings board suggesting it receives a 16+ rating and that it’s innapropriate for minors.

Why do you ask the game is pushing a higher, adult-level rating? It’s not the game’s purposeful lack of nonwhite characters in its medieval setting – it’s all the drug use, gratuitous violence, rape, and hate crimes, too:

Final Fantasy XVI Rating Descriptors

Weapon use with violence, sexual appeal, violent acts, drug use, description of violence, sexual innuendo, bodily injury, foul language, sexual language, veiled nudity, presence of blood, suffering of the victim, erotization, stigma / prejudice, intentional killing, nudity, prostitution, sexual relations, hate crimes, rape / sexual coercion, suicide, torture, gratuitous violence / vulgarization of violence

Final Fantasy XVI was also confirmed be nearly complete, and will get a release date soon. The game is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5.



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