Final Fantasy XVI has been banned in Saudi Arabia

Final Fantasy XVI has been banned in Saudi Arabia according to the kingdom’s Public Authority for Audiovisual Media.

In a recent Tweet, the government organization announced their decision while stating that the game won’t be released “due to the publisher’s unwillingness to make the necessary modifications”.

This has led some fans to speculate what these changes could have been.

The final decision was made with only a little over a month left before the game’s PlayStation 5 release (it’s coming to PC later).

Meanwhile, fans are scratching their heads over what changes Saudi Arabia possibly wanted them to make.

Popular theories include the possible reference to other religions, we know that Final Fantasy XVI heavily features religious set dressing and “eikons” as deity-like beings. However the most popular theory seems to be that a character in the game is gay.

Regardless of what censorship the kingdom asked of Square Enix, it seems they’re sticking to their guns and refusing to make adjustments.

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