Final Fantasy XVI reveals new gameplay for titan battles, abilities, more

Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix revealed new gameplay for Final Fantasy XVI showing off its various gameplay mechanics and systems.

Here’s the new gameplay, via the game’s official site:

Summoned Beast Battle

A clash between dominants who summoned a summoned beast to themselves. A large-scale battle that depicts the battle of summoned beasts vs. summoned beasts on a huge scale!

Summoned Beast Action

A high-speed battle that switches the power of numerous summoned beasts that live in Clive!

Story Focus Mode

Story Focus mode where you can enjoy full-fledged action battles comfortably with simple operations. With simple operations, summoned beast abilities can be activated, enemy attacks can be automatically avoided, and anyone can concentrate on the story while enjoying the exhilarating feeling of battle.

Ability Gameplay

Clive’s various abilities can be freely enhanced! If you are worried about training, use the support function to learn and strengthen all at once.

Buddy Gameplay

Reliable sidekick Torgal supports the battle! They provide reliable support, such as attacking enemies together and recovering Clive’s physical strength. You can also enjoy the battle more strategically by instructing Torgaru to take action.

Party Gameplay

As the story progresses, various characters will fight together as companions. Unlike Torgal, his friends fight with Clive with AI auto support.

Final Fantasy XVI launches June 22nd, 2023 for PlayStation 5.



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