Final Fantasy XV Could Feature Guest Female Party Members

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With the recent stir that Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has caused regarding the game’s male-only cast, it seems like the boss is dialing things back a bit, according to an interview with Famitsu (via Hachima Kikou).

In the interview, Tabata says that female guest characters might join the brotacular party of extremely well-dressed men, and he also talks up the reception of the Episode Duscae demo, as well as the game’s current development.

“It’s possible that we can have female characters joining the party as guests,” said Tabata when asked of the possibility of playable female characters. “However, since it’s an all-male party, if you have a female character involved, their behavior may change because there’s a woman around.”

When Famitsu mentioned the many requests to improve the battle system, Tabata replied. “The battle system in the demo is roughly 50 percent complete. I want to honestly respond to requests for improvement,” Tabata said. “The full release is coming with things like co-op chains and magic, which I think is going to help make the combat feel a bit fresh to players.”

“This is because Ramuh has special requirements in the demo,” said Tabata. “There will be systemic level improvements in the full release.” Famitsu also polled players in regards to the Episode Duscae demo, to which more than 70% of players were either “very satisfied,” or just “satisfied.” However, roughly 20% of players were either “somewhat dissatisfied,” or “dissatisfied.”



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