Final Fantasy XIV is Getting Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad Card Action

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Square Enix is definitely looking to strike that nostalgia cord with their fans that play (or might consider) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Previously, we learned that not only is the Gold Saucer finally making a comeback in patch 2.51. However, this will come after the Before the Fall patch, which is hitting the MMORPG on January 20th. Alongside the Gold Saucer comes expectedly with minigames, although we haven’t gotten confirmation of what to expect, until now.

News of chocobo racing (which first appeared in Final Fantasy VII) and triple triad (Final Fantasy VIII) card action being available in the casino came via a Letter from the Producer Q&A, which you can view over in this forum thread.

We’ve taken the related posts detailing the mini-games, below:

Q5: Will additional fees be required in addition to our monthly subscription to access all the content in the Gold Saucer?

A5: No, there will not be. Everything will be handled with in-game currency. We intentionally made it so it wouldn’t get mixed up with things like online casinos, so we can avoid the hurdles of ratings and laws for each country. Players will be able purchase a new type of currency called Manderville Gold Saucer points using gil, but these are untradeable and cannot be sold on the market.

Q7: How many different types of games will there be at the Gold Saucer? Please tell us what we can do there.

A7: We can’t reveal the full amount of details, but there will be things like chocobo racing, Triple Triad, and other mini-games.

Q9: Will we be able to summon our chocobo companion for chocobo racing? If so, will our companion ranks affect the race?

A9: You will have separate chocobos to use in chocobo racing and you won’t be using your companion. Raising chocobos and racing chocobos will be separate.

Q10: Will we be able to compete against other players in Triple Triad?

A10: You’ll be able to play against NPCs and other players too. Make sure to get all the cards! We’re planning to have 80 cards available at launch, with more to come later.

Q11: How can we obtain the Triple Triad cards?

A11: Playing against and defeating NPCs and exchanging the new currency in the Gold Saucer. You’ll also be able to earn rare drops from battle content.

So what do you guys think? Is this awesome news?

[Editor’s note: Above image is from the chocobo racing in Final Fantasy XIII-2.]



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