Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Expansion is Confirmed

Previously, we reported on Square Enix trademarking “Heavensward” in Japan, and as a joke we predicted that it would be the name of an expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Square Enix just confirmed that to be true. The new expansion, Heavensward, will be launching in the spring of next year. Featured above, you can view the reveal trailer for the expansion.

This expansion moves the adventure to Ishgard, where the bloody, thousand-year-long conflict called the Dragonsong War still rages between Ishgard and Dravinia. In this battle, the Wyrmking fighting Thordan and his Knights Twelve is yet another piece of the conflict.

The Holy See of Ishgard, a fourth city-state, is being added into the game, as well as new “massive” areas that players can explore. Challenging new dungeons are also coming, alongside high-end raids, new recipes, gear, a bunch of new job classes, a new playable race (confirmed to be the Viangaa?), airships, and—of course—new primals.

Ishgard is ruled over by the archbishop and his four noble horses, and it is divvied up to segregate the privileged classes from the common peasants. The fields that are featured in Ishgard will run the gamut of previously inaccessible areas like Dravinia, beast tribe-dominated areas, mountains, and the mysterious floating islands.

The game’s level cap will be raised from level 50 to level 60, too.

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