Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Benchmark Is Up For Download

[The Above Video Contains Spoilers For The End Of The 2.5 Main Story Quest Line]

Though the release of the game-changing Heavensward is still a bit down the road, Square has released the benchmark today, and it is up for download.

The benchmark allows players to check out so really awesome in-game-engine footage that was released onto YouTube last week with a character of their own design leading a giant pack of flying mounts on a dragon themselves. You can check out that particular trailer above.

Also of note with the benchmark is the ability to get a first look at the new Au Ra character creation. The benchmark holds the entirety of the character creation, so if you were thinking of making an Au Ra or Fantasia’ing an existing character into one at Heavensward’s release you can get a full sneak peak with the benchmark.

The Benchmark program is available for download here, and is 1.6 GB. Heavenward is set to release on June 23rd, with an early access for Pre-orders opening on the 19th.

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