Final Fantasy VII Remake Details and Screenshots – Sephiroth, Shinra, Aerith, Shiva, and Midgar

Square Enix have revealed more screenshots and information on Final Fantasy VII Remake. This time the focus is on Sephiroth, Shinra, Roche, Aerith, Shiva, and Midgar.

After some key art of Tifa and Sephiroth (above), we delve more into the latter, along with President Shinra and Heidegger.


Sephiroth is famed as the finest member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit. His gallant efforts in the war with Wutai made him a hero – and he’s inspired many a brave youth to join SOLDIER.

Sephiroth is believed to have died during a top secret mission, but there may be far more to the story than people know…

President Shinra

The current president of the Shinra Electric Power Company raised the company up from a small arms manufacturer to the massively powerful conglomerate it is today.

He can be generous to his allies, but when it comes to business he’s utterly ruthless. He’s willing to use cutthroat business tactics to make a profit – and eliminate anyone who gets in the way.


As well as being the director of Public Security, Heidegger has been President Shinra’s right-hand man since the early days of the company. He’s just as ruthless as his boss, and will do anything to get what he wants – even sacrifice his own subordinates.

He’s trusted implicitly by the President, and this has made Public Security the most powerful department within Shinra.

Next is a unique character, one original to the remake. Roche is a former Soldier that has rebelled, seemingly to focus on motorbike racing. His inclusion is most likely to expand upon the motorcycle chase and escape segments in Midgar in the original Final Fantasy VII. 


This 3-C SOLDIER turned rebel is also known as Speed Demon.

He loves bikes, speed and anyone who can give him a challenge. His comrades, however, find him annoying – he constantly squeals his rear tire and makes them choke on fumes of burnt rubber.

The announcement then delves into how Aerith performs in combat. Her basic attack launches a ranged magic attack, with combos increasing how many targets are hit, and making the attacks hit a wider area. Her character-special attack is Tempest, which can be charged to bombard the enemy with explosions.

Aerith’s other unique abilities include Soul Drain (to drain MP from her foes), and Lustrous Shield (a barrier against attacks that can hurt enemies).

Summon Shiva was also shown off, with her Heavenly Strike attack to drop large blocks of ice on foes, and her powerful final move (executed just as the summon runs out) Diamond Dust to freeze enemies solid.

Midgar itself was then focused in the final segment, broken down into various areas. Firstly, the Train Graveyard was shown. Areas and the story have been given more depth to add additional story sequences and dialogue show the lives of the people in Midgar, and the party talking in areas originally without dialogue.

“The Train Graveyard is a perfect example of this. Originally used during the construction of Midgar, this area has since become a junkyard for old and abandoned trains. Strong winds make the rusting carriages creak and groan, and odd high-pitched sounds echo over the area.”

Next is the iconic 70-story Shinra Electric Power Company. Along with the company’s offices, players can find the Memorial Floor (providing what is sure to be corporate-approved backstory on Shinra), the Visual Entertainment Hall, Shinra cars on display, and the Relaxation Floor.

In case you missed it, we did a thorough hands-on preview for the game at this year’s E3 – you can read that preview here.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches March 3rd for PlayStation 4.



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