Final Fantasy VII: Remake Opening Movie

Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Square Enix have revealed the opening movie of Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

While the movie focuses on Midgar, we see a little of the wastelands outside of the city, and a recreation of the classic opening of the original game.

You can find the opening movie below:

You can find the full rundown (via PlayStation) below:

The world is under the control of Shinra, a corporation controlling the planet’s life force as mako energy. In the city of Midgar, Cloud Strife, former member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary lends his aid to the Avalanche resistance group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a reimagining of the iconic original with unforgettable characters, a mind-blowing story, and epic battles.
The story of this first, standalone game in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE project covers up to the party’s escape from Midgar, and goes deeper into the events occurring in Midgar than the original FINAL FANTASY VII.

In case you missed it, you can find the most recent trailer here. This includes the main theme Hollow, as well as footage of Red XII, the Shinra executives, Leviathan, the Honey Bee Inn, and Cloud in a dress.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is launching for PlayStation 4 on April 10th, 2020. The console exclusivity ends April 4th, 2021.



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