Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade EPISODE INTERmission; Yuffie Combat, and More

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Square Enix have revealed more information for the Yuffie campaign in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, along with the English voice cast.

As stated in the press release (via email), Yuffie’s episode is dubbed “EPISODE INTERmission,” where Yuffie will user her elite ninja corps skills to infiltrate Shinra and steal a powerful materia to restore the glory of Wutai.

In battle, she combines long and close range combat, with her Uinique Ability letting her throw her massive throwing star at foes. While using her Unique Ability, she can also use long-range ninjutsu to augment her Elemental Ninjutsu with fire, ice, lightning, or wind.

Yuffie’s other new skills include Banishment, which deals more damage based on how much of the ATB gauge was spent before it was used. This can also be charged with Elemental Ninjutsu. Windstorm lets her unleash a gale that damages and launches foes towards her.

Alongside the previously revealed Sonon, other characters featured in INTERmission include Zhijie. He hails from Wutai, and acts as a point of contact for the new Wutai government and Avalanche HQ. Among the HQ’s members are Nayo, Billy Bob, and Polk.

Another person Zhijie in contact with is a surprising one. Weiss of Shinra’s top-secret underground research center Deepground. He appeared in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, and Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. While still in command of Deepground for the remake, he has also kept his sadistic traits.

The press release also revealed the English voice cast for the characters. You can find the casting below, along with screenshots and character renders via the press release.

  • Yuffie Kisaragi, voiced by Suzie Yeung
  • Sonon Kusakabe, voiced by Aleks Le
  • Weiss, voiced by Daman Mills
  • Zhijie, voiced by Griffin Puatu
  • Nayo, voiced by Ashley Boettcher
  • Billy Bob, voiced by David Goldstein
  • Polk, voiced by Daniel Amerman

The Digital Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade ($89.99 USD) will also come with a digital mini soundtrack from the game, featuring songs such as Descendant of Shinobi, and a digital art book. Those who pre-order the standard or Deluxe digital edition will obtain a Cacstar weapon as a bonus for EPISODE INTERmission.

As previously reportedIntergrade is the PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake; featuring improved graphics, performance modes, haptic feedback via the DualSense controller, Classic Mode on normal difficulty, a Photo Mode, and the EPISODE INTERmission campaign starring Yuffie.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade launches June 10th on PlayStation 5. Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PlayStation 4. In case you missed it, you can find our review here.

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