Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to “kiss the original story completely goodbye”, says new rumor

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

A supposed major leak has been circulating that Final fantasy VII Rebirth will be seeing a complete change from the original story.

As with any story-related spoilers, consider this a potential spoiler warning for those who have yet to play the original Final Fantasy VII.

This leak comes from Resetera from a user who has since deleted their account. However, what was shared by them has been saved on a Reddit post via the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit.

There were numerous claims from this leaker, such as that Zach Fair will be playable during a “big part” of the game. In the original story, Zach died before the events of the main game – which was covered in Crisis Core, and that game recently had a remaster.

The biggest claim is that Final fantasy VII Rebirth will “kiss the original story completely goodbye”, which is a major claim seeing as part one of this remake project has mostly followed the same story beats so far.

They didn’t say in what way it would be different outside of saying that roughly 50% will be in a new direction. If that number is correct, then it would indicate a major change in the story from this point on compared to the original.

This rumor could be related to what producer Yoshinori Kitase has talked about with saying they are adding new elements to give fans excitement on what is and isn’t faithfully reproduced in the remakes.

However, despite how that may sound, it doesn’t mean they planned on completely changing the story either, especially given they did plan on keeping some aspects faithful. As always, this is still rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to launch sometime in winter 2023 for PlayStation 5.



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