Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is 80% Done, Coming Within Next Year

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Square Enix has been showing off the latest build of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD behind closed doors at this year’s PAX expo, in Seattle.

A few interesting tidbits have come out of a preview done by IGN, in which they were told by director Hajime Tabata of the game’s current development progress. Apparently, the game “looked good and ran super smoothly”, and it’s roughly 80% percent done.

Tabata was being hounded for answers to various questions, like why the game made the jump from Playstation Vita to both current generation consoles, to which he replied with a desire to see the game on the big screen, and on new hardware.

During a following hands-off preview with Kotaku, Tabata also confirmed that Type-o would be finally arriving in the west sometime within the next year, meaning you’ll have it in your hands by sometime next August.

“We probably wouldn’t age another year until it’s released,” Tabata said. “We really do want the PS4 and Xbox One install base to grow in Japan as well, so we do want a release as quickly as possible.”

Curiously, the HD version of Type-o has been in development in secret since the middle of 2012, and that both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One ports will have no new content, aside from improved visuals, updated controls, and four difficulty options.

Tabata confirmed that Square Enix was originally planning on releasing a localized version on the PSP back in 2011, but the company decided on putting it on hold, as the PSP was starting to flounder outside of Japan.

In case you were worried the development of Final Fantasy Type-o would cause Final Fantasy XV to be delayed even further, Tabata said otherwise. To be clear, Final Fantasy XV was first revealed as Final Fantasy Versus XIII nearly a decade ago.

He claimed that Type-o is the game to get Final Fantasy enthusiasts’ feet wet, in being the first game on Playstation 4 and Xbox One:

“We do hope that it becomes the first basis for Final Fantasy XV when we release that globally.”

“The biggest reason was really the timing,” Tabata said. “After we released the Japanese version, and then it would go into localization, the US PSP market at the time was kinda shrinking. It wasn’t the best time for us to garner the best results, so that was the biggest reason we had to forgo the PSP version for the overseas market.”

So what do you guys think? Is it lame that Playstation Vita owners are getting shafted, or should we just be happy we’re getting the game officially localized?

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  1. Phelan
    August 30, 2014 at 7:25 am

    They can shove that game where sun won’t ever reach, because I ain’t buying it.

    Some say that it looks like MGS for PSP on steroids, but there was also one guy saying that it looks like next gen… either way, I’m not buying. That game was supposed to be for Vita and only Vita. We asked for it! Not PS4 or Xbox One owners! They didn’t even know about that game!

    Did you see how well FF XIII-3 or FF X HD sold on PS3 and XBOX 360?

    Final Fantasy XIII-3 – 0.88kk PS3 + 0.18kk Xbox 360= 1.06kk
    Final Fantasy X/X2 HD – 0.93kk PS3

    And yet about 30-50% of buyers were from JP.

    Number of PS3 owners is 83kk
    Xbox 360 another 83kk
    Vita 8.74kk
    PS4 9.90kk
    Xbox 5.13kk

    Do anyone really think that Type-0 will sell better on PS4 and XBOX One:
    A. No JP owners (those consoles are dead in JP)
    B.There is 10x less owners of next gen consoles. So it wouldn’t be
    suprising if 10 times less people bought Type-0 than FF XIII-3 or X HD.
    And that means whooooopping 0.10kk

    On the other hand vita sold lil less than 9kk copies, and still gets 0.5kk without any problem. And type-0 would get simply 1kk because people even were considering buying Vita for that game.

    Do you really think that Square Enix used brain? I don’t.

    oh and one more thing… even Vita alone has bigger success when it
    comes to jRPG than Xbox 360/Xbox One. Are they going to release game for about… let’s see 0.05k people?

    Xbox is not a place for jRPG even gem such as Lost Odyssey (the last real Final Fantasy game.. and yes I know that it was from Mistwalker) sold only 0.87kk copies.

    I hope people won’t buy it! I really do! Square Enix needs a lesson, needs to see that they should do what fans asked them to do, and not something supa-dupa-what-nobody even expect. If you want to buy it, than wait for used copy… that’s it.

    *customers use Wallet Attack – it’s super effective*
    *Square Enix faints*

  2. Hydroninja9
    August 30, 2014 at 9:12 am

    if only it would come to the ps vita and the wii u , man can dream cant he? lol

  3. Phelan
    August 30, 2014 at 10:03 am

    It won’t I’ve just saw some article on some other side with review with Tabata.

    The was never even considered as game directed to West. Square Enix just wanted to build fanbase on next gen consoles before they will release FF XV.

    That is why they won’t do PS3 version or Vita version (which should be the only one). They clearly even said that they won’t relrease it even as PSP title on PSN.

    That’s the end for me. I am no longer fan of Square Enix, I won’t ever buy their games again, they can kiss my ass.

    (fan since 90, which bought every single FF game counting PSX times + nearly all available digital classics on PSN + few games on SNES)

  4. Beau Wilkinson
    Beau Wilkinson
    August 30, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    I just want the game, I don’t care what console it’s on. I have a PS4 and a vita and I honestly don’t mind it being on my TV instead

  5. nonscpo
    August 30, 2014 at 6:28 pm


  6. nonscpo
    August 30, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    As a proud vita owner I will gladly skip/boycott this game. #NOVITANOBUY