Final Fantasy Type-0 English Translation is Dated for August

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Remember those awesome folks over at SkyROM Hacking who are working on an English translation patch for Final Fantasy Type-0? Well apparently they’re confident enough in their progress that they’ve given the final patch release a solid date. It’s a bit further into this year, but for those who are still waiting for this game to come out in English (it came out in Japan back in 2011), it won’t be that much longer.

Final Fantasy Type-0’s English translation patch will be available on August 8th. This new announcement comes after the guys at SkyROM realized that beta testing would take longer than they expected, due to the large amount of text that needs to be corrected and adapted. Previously, several of the staff members thought they could have the English patch out within a couple months, however they made the decision to wait.

In the meantime, check out the release date teaser trailer below:

One interesting bit of information that the team at SkyROM pointed out was the possibility of an official localization being revealed at E3. This possibility is not slowing them down at all, regardless of whether that happens or not, they’re still going to bring this game to English speaking audiences. If an official localization is announced, their efforts will not be in vain, as their ultimate goal was just getting the game adapted into English.

It really is a shame that Square Enix just abandoned bringing this game to the West in lieu of their Final Fantasy XIII saga that has generally received middling to ok reviews by both fans and critics alike. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer!



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