Final Fantasy IX: Hades Was Originally The End Boss

One of the more amusing elements of the Final Fantasy series is that many of the game’s secrets aren’t revealed until much later. Whether it’s hidden dialog or a cleverly hidden sidequest, Square’s flagship series has always played host to some very hard-to-find oddities. This time, according to the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimania guide, Hades was originally meant to be Final Fantasy IX’s end boss.

Players of the game will remember that Hades, along with the infamously cheap move-spamming Ozma, were both optional bosses. Hades, who later sold some of the most powerful items in the game, is a reoccurring monster in the series and was apparently meant to be the final boss of the ninth game as well.

Though nothing more than a curiosity, it just shows that a good old game never truly dies, and certainly never gives up all of its secrets.

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