Final Fantasy IX Animated Series in Early Development, Seeks Broadcaster

Final Fantasy IX

Cyber Group Studios are reportedly co-developing and co-producing animated series adaption of Final Fantasy IX.

Kidscreen reports the animation will come from Cyber Group Studios, a Paris-based animator they typically deal with animations for pre-school and children aged 6-12. The animated series will be aimed at eight to 13 years olds, but no word was given on if the show would be traditional animation or CGI.

The production is seeing the project bible nearing completion, but after that they will need to pitch it to broadcasters. Should it be picked up in the coming months, production will begin at the end of 2021 or 2022.

While Final Fantasy games have tackled more mature or darker themes, Cyber Group Studios’ CEO Pierre Sissmann was confident the show would be appropriate for children, and even those unfamiliar with the original game.

“The games have a strong co-viewing potential,” Sissmann stated. “For those who do know Final Fantasy IX , this will be an [introduction]. And for the many who don’t, this will immerse them in a universe they’ll love.” Along with producing the show, Cyber Group Studios will also reportedly handle worldwide distribution, licencing, and merchandise.

The story of the original game focuses on the aftermath of the attempted kidnapping Princess Garnet of Alexandria by the Tantalus Theater Troupe. Zindane Tribal; an orphan raised by the troupe, attempts to perform the kidnapping while the Troupe performs, only to see Garnet attempting to escape herself.

Zidane ends up on a journey to stop Queen Brahne, the invasion of Burmecia, an army of Black Mages, and learns the origins of who he really is.

Final Fantasy IX is available on Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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