FIFA 2024: Rising to the challenge — can it match the legacy of its predecessors?


FIFA, developed and published by EA Sports, is undeniably one of the most culturally impactful and enduring gaming franchises the world has ever seen. Debuting in 1993 as FIFA International Soccer, the series has brought hyper-realistic soccer gaming to avid fans worldwide, with numerous special features helping to cement its legacy as the bona fide soccer game for video gaming enthusiasts.


Throughout its evolution, FIFA has seen numerous landmark moments that have fortified its position as the world’s leading soccer video game. The introduction of 3D graphics and player models during FIFA 98 was one of the most important breakthroughs for sports video games in general, as before this, most graphics had been represented in 2D.


A few years later, FIFA 2022 changed the game regarding ball physics and player animations, dramatically increasing the realism and enjoyment of the budding franchise. More recently, FIFA 14’s debut on next-gen consoles set new standards for graphics, with the aesthetics going right down to beads of sweat on players’ faces.


Beyond gaming, FIFA has woven itself into the fabric of football culture, with its lifelike graphics, authentic stadiums, and licensed teams and players making it a beloved and immersive experience for fans. The franchise’s annual releases have turned into major events in the gaming calendar, contributing to the global popularity of football and bridging the gap between the sport and gaming enthusiasts around the world.


All this leads us to the question — can the new FIFA 2024 live up to the hype? It’s an even more important question to ask considering the upcoming split between EA and FIFA, with FIFA 2024 slated to be the last game in the series as we know it. So, what are the early indications? Keep reading to find out more!


FIFA 2024: an essential roundup


Before we delve deeper into the new features anticipated for FIFA 2024 and some of the main reasons behind the gaming series’ success, let’s go through a quick roundup of all the essential information surrounding FIFA 2024’s upcoming release.


The main thing to remember is that FIFA 2024 is slated for release at the end of September. However, fans will have to get used to the name change, as the game will officially be called EA Sports FC 24. It will take some time for fans to get used to the change in name, which is mainly due to the rift between FIFA and EA Sports. Fortunately, EA have managed to acquire most of the naming rights for the big leagues, so they have a definite head start over FIFA’s series of games.


What’s new for FIFA 2024?


So, what’s new for FIFA 2024? Well, the main thing is the name — EA Sports FC 24. Aside from this, gamers can experience the usual array of graphics and game mechanic updates, alongside new player ratings and updated transfers.


The developers have also worked hard on enhancing the manager mode, with a new Manager Career feature that unlocks the deepest tactical innovations yet. Players will also enjoy optimized gaming engines like the Frostbite graphics engine, promising to show the ripple on a player’s shirt when they dribble past an opponent. In other words, the realism element is set to take another huge leap forward.


Reasons behind FIFA’s incredible legacy


Any avid FIFA player will know exactly why the game has become so popular over the past few decades. Check below for some of the main reasons behind FIFA’s enduring legacy:


  • Realism: FIFA has consistently strived to deliver a realistic and authentic soccer experience. This commitment to realism includes licensed teams, players, stadiums and commentary, making players feel like they are part of the real football world. The remarkably clear and realistic graphics from the last few years also add to this.
  • Multiplayer: There are very few games better suited to playing with friends, especially when you’re all in the same room. Competing against fellow players on FIFA is incredibly exciting and competitive, as everyone wants to show off their own skills and tailormade tactics. This has become even more significant with the continued evolution of Ultimate Team, allowing players to build their own teams and compete online.
  • Esports: The introduction of online multiplayer modes and competitive tournaments has made FIFA a staple in the esports scene. It’s so popular that sports betting sites can even offer odds on FIFA esports games, which just goes to show the focus on this burgeoning esports opportunity.
  • Global appeal: Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, so FIFA’s incredible popularity across the gaming world is absolutely no surprise. The global licensing agreements to bring various clubs and international teams into the game’s orbit strengthens this selling point, allowing players worldwide to play as their favorite local teams.
  • Loyal fanbase: Over the years, FIFA has built a loyal fanbase that eagerly awaits each new release. These fans engage in discussions and tournaments and form online communities, contributing to the game’s enduring popularity.
  • Continuous development: EA Sports has demonstrated a commitment to improving the game series with each annual release. They actively listen to player feedback and incorporate improvements and new features into each release, ensuring the game stays relevant and highly enjoyable.


Top 10 FIFA games of all time


Here is a rundown of our 10 favorite FIFA games of all time, so you have something to compare the newest addition to:


  • FIFA 98
  • FIFA 2002
  • FIFA 07
  • FIFA 10
  • FIFA 14
  • FIFA 15
  • FIFA 16
  • FIFA 19
  • FIFA 21
  • FIFA 23


What’s next for FIFA after the split with EA?


The highly publicized split between FIFA and EA has led to the name change for the 2024 edition — EA Sports FC 24. But what does the future hold for the gaming series? EA have secured valuable licensing and branding partnerships, so it looks like their continuation of the series will be the most popular. In reality, only time will tell how things progress.


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