Fictional Japanese teacher Ellen Baker undergoes drastic change

Ellen Baker

Ellen Baker, a popular character used for a set of Japanese books meant to teach children English, has gotten a new look.

The fictional Ellen Baker appeared in a New Horizon middle school English textbook around 2016, and the character was an English teacher. She gained significant popularity as the book contained several characters with an anime style.

Here’s the Ellen Baker from those previous textbooks:

Her renown became so widespread that her creator Denchubo even requested artists to “tone it down” on the creation of adult parodies, as the teacher had an image to uphold due to being contained in educational textbooks.

Here’s the new design of Ellen Baker, according to her appearance in a new English textbook for Elementary school children:

Some Japanese commenters were not particularly elated by this drastic change in design, though many also found it cute:

“This is because of feminists…”

“It’s okay. The divine artists will bring her back.”

“The design is different, but cute.”

“However, she has transformed into a black person.”

“She’s a different person, but cute.”

“Ugly! This is because of feminist madness, isn’t it?”

“I thought maybe her race was changed.”

“Did you get married, Ellen?”

“She must be black or Hispanic.”

“No, her name is Lucy and she’s a different person.”

“Ellen-sensei, the light in her eyes has disappeared, and I can read between the lines that she’s mentally ill after being r**** by a black man in America.”

“The previous design felt old-fashioned, but she turned out to be a nice adult woman.”

“Ellen Baker (a woman who has given birth).”

“A legitimate evolution right? Congratulations on your marriage.”

“There must be feminists in there.”

“This is better now.”

“It feels like when someone returns after finishing their maternity leave.”

“It’s a drawing sketched by an old man, and the style is old.”

“I thought she was going to be turned into an obese black woman.”

“If we don’t nerf Ellen sensei, she will continue to steal the first loves of adolescent men and the crazy people in real life won’t be able to deal with her.”



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