FFXVI could be coming to additional platforms after PC

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In a recent interview, Final Fantasy XVI (FFXVI) producer Naoki Yoshida said that the game could come to additional platforms after the PC release.

In an interview with NoisyPixel, Yoshida was responding to a question about the characters being done with following the upcoming DLC when we let loose that there’s still more work to be done; especially when it comes to ports of Final Fantasy XVI.

So, is it tough for you and the team to say goodbye to all these characters in this DLC?

It’s not over in the sense that we have the PC version. Once the PC version is released, we’re thinking about hopefully moving to other platforms as well. However, that’s not really talking about the story; it’s more about moving it onto different platforms. So, there is a sense that while the project is still going, there is not that sense of being sad and having to leave them yet. But I’m pretty sure that once everything is released and we’ve moved on to the next project, that would be the time where it kind of hits us that, “Oh, it’s really it’s over?”

It was revealed earlier this month that the PC release for Final Fantasy XVI was in the “final stages of optimization“. The game originally released last year and failed to meet expectations as a PS5 exclusive.

The PC port for the game is expected to bring in a much wider fanbase, with the Final Fantasy franchise having much broader appeal than other PS5 exclusives like the Horizon franchise.

It’s unclear what systems FFXVI could be coming to, while Xbox Series X/S is obvious, the Switch probably lacks the capability to run the game. However rumors of a Switch successor are growing every day.

Final Fantasy XVI is available now on PS5, and will be coming to PC soon. You can check out our review here!

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