Festival of Magic’s Kickstarter is Up

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We’ve covered Snowcastle Games’ spectacular looking Festival of Magic before, but the game has since gone to kickstarter to help get funding, in order to finish their game.

Snowcastle Games are looking for $250,000 to finish the game, which is set for PC, Mac and Linux in January of 2015. While that may seem far away, they’re also bringing the game to Wii U, and hopefully Playstation 4 and Xbox One later down the line. The next gen ports are not solid promises, however, as they want to finish the planned releases first.

You can view their kickstarter pitch below:

In Festival of Magic, you play as a young treasure hunter named Amon, who is summoned to an island village to help a sorceress named Olia find her town’s missing Botanist. I know this sounds silly at first, but things go awry when a powerful warlock attacks the village and drains Olia’s powers. Amon then teams up with Gnart, Olia’s assistant, to rebuild the village and track down the warlock.

Battles in Festival of Magic are described as a no-nonense, traditional turn based JRPG mechanics, but with a twist. Parties are made up of a warrior and protector based system, and different warrior+protector pairings will lead to different stat changes and varying special pair actions.

If Festival of Magic looks like something worth supporting, you should head on over to their kickstarter page.

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