Festival of Magic is an Awesome Blend of Farming and RPG Elements

festival of magic ss 1

Festival of Magic is a wonderful looking mix of various elements from favorite franchises of mine including farming, turn based combat, exploration and lots of puzzles.

In the game you play as Amon, a scavenger from the desert, accompanied by his prickly companion Gnart, and you progress through the world of Umbra, a land divided by light and magic.

In Festival of Magic, you get to grow and tend to crops that help provide you with ammo and ingredients for spells. You can also catch monsters and train them as companions/allies. Combat is turn based, and the game has asynchronous PVP as well.

You can check out some alpha gameplay below:

Festival of Magic currently doesn’t have a release date set, but there is a beta planned for early next year, which you can sign up for on their website. The game will launch on PC and Mac first, but it’s set to come over to Wii U and other platforms, eventually.



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