Feast Your Eyes on the Debut Gameplay for the Amplitude Remake

The Amplitude remake was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in May of this year, and the team at Harmonix has been diligently working on it since.

Thankfully, Harmonix has just put out the debut gameplay for the game, which you can view above. The game itself is still in an early build, and yet they have most of the core mechanics in place – it’s definitely reminiscent of the original!

The gameplay walkthrough is handled by Amplitude creative lead Ryan Lesser as he breaks down the current build of the title. A note, in its current state, Amplitude is being played on PC, which Lesser is also clear to point out as he jams out.

In case you guys missed it, I interviewed Nick Chester of Harmonix while the game was still on Kickstarter, which you can read here.

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