Fear Effect: Sedna Now On Kickstarter, via Square Enix

Square Enix and developer Sushee have now launched Fear Effect: Sedna on Kickstarter.

The game will be developed for PC and Mac, should it reach its $114,106 goal. At $250,000, the game will get a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release.

It’s worth mentioning this is being developed under the Square Enix Collective, an agreement with the publisher and IP holder to license out their older works, while also getting a cut from the revenue after said third party developer has produced the game.

If you’re wondering why the game adopted an isometric view, developer Sushee spilled the beans:

The original Fear Effect games focused on harrowing camera angles and the feeling of loneliness to create a nerve-racking atmosphere. But the story, the characters and their relationships are a huge part of what made the game such a classic. Fulfilling a mission together, they will interact a lot, and not only during cinematic cutscenes, but also while you play.

The second point that made us choose tactical view and combat is that we wanted them not only to interact verbally, but also act together. We wanted to see Rain being proud of Hana actually change the way she fights. We wanted to see Deke’s thirst for blood change the way the others react. We wanted to show how Glas trying to hold a door, while the others get prepared for the incoming assault, makes them all nervous and confident at the same time.

Considering all this, we opted for the isometric view, allowing to see every character any time; and the tactical approach, though in real time, allowing us to create situations and reactions to the protagonists’ behavior.

Here’s a breakdown of the game, via its Kickstarter page:

Fear Effect Sedna is a real-time tactical action game for PC & Mac. Become reacquainted with the famous team of Hana, Rain, Deke & Glas in a brand new adventure. From Hong Kong to Greenland, through Inuit mythology and with new partners, will you dare to face the spirit world once again?

  • New environments in isometric view: Explore the deep caves of Greenland, abandoned scientific complexes, underwater stations and ethereal realms based on Inuit mythology.
  • A real-time tactical action game: Exploit your heroes special abilities, and combine them to maximize your team’s effectiveness in attacks.
  • A deep and mature story: Learn more about Fear Effect’s iconic characters’ past as they delve into this new mystery.
  • Explore a whole new culture: Myths from the Inuit people are imbued with power of the elements and the cold sea. Meet and fight unexpected creatures from the spirit realm!

Be part of a new Fear Effect adventure with Fear Effect Sedna, a new episode in the series that takes place four years after the events in Fear Effect 1!

Things have changed for the team. Hana, freed from the Triad, lives with Rain in Hong Kong and works as an occasional mercenary, while Deke has grown apart from them since Glas returned to the US.

Hana accepts a small mission for a shadowy organization asking for her services. Her target: a mysterious ancient statuette held by the ambassador of China in France. She sees it as a good opportunity to visit her birthplace… But this ‘easy’ mission is about to lead Hana to something bigger than expected. Meanwhile Glas is approached by a client who catches his attention and piques his interest, enough that Glas sets out for Greenland.

Axel is a mysterious French secret agent in charge of watching and spying the Chinese ambassador in France. The confrontation against Hana is inevitable, as he stands in her way, but destiny will force them to cooperate. Together they set out on a journey to the North Pole where they face Inuit folklore & legends… for real.

The atmosphere, characters and gameplay – which mixes tactics, puzzles and stealth – are true to the original Fear Effect. However, while there are familiar aspects of the game to previous incarnations of the franchise, you’ll find yourself immersed in a completely unique and new world with Fear Effect Sedna – one that will appeal to fans both old and new.

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