Faust Confirmed for Guilty Gear: Strive

Guilty Gear Strive Faust

Arc System Works have revealed a gameplay trailer for Faust in Guilty Gear: Strive. 

While teased back in November 2019, Faust’s gameplay trailer was revealed during this year’s Frosty Faustings fighting game tournament.

As can be seen in the trailer below, Faust’s design has become radically darker and more sinister than his past versions. Faust’s backstory in prior games once had him as “Dr. Baldhead”, a surgeon driven mad by the death of a young girl during an operation.

While he later attempted to atone for the serial killings he performed, later stories hint that he still has sadistic desires that he tries to keep in check.

Any form of “relapse” for Faust could be theoretically possible, though stories in other Guilty Gear games revealed to him that his patient’s death was not his fault. In addition, Faust did not wear a paper-bag over his head as Dr. Baldman.

Another factor that may rule out Guilty Gear: Strive being a form of prequel is that May has been shown to be older in Strive than in other games. Then again, May has been shown to be unaffected by time, so her being “older” here only brings more questions.

In case you missed it, we also covered past trailers for Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff, and Potemkin.

Guilty Gear: Strive launches late 2020 for PlayStation 4.



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