Fate/Grand Order subreddit bans official loli art, allegedly due to Chloe’s new outfit

Fate/Grand Order

The degenerates masquerading as “just arbiters” in the Western cesspool that is Reddit have again been offended by harmless loli artwork, with the “Grand Order” subreddit.

For those unaware, this subreddit was for the gacha-laden smartphone game Fate/Grand Order. The mods presented new rules forbidding users from posting certain official in-game card art, all of which contain loli characters in suggestive clothing.

A Twitter user keeping track of the lunacy mentioned that the Grand Order subreddit was initially banned after users posted artwork for Chloe’s new card art:

The subreddit eventually resurfaced, and a moderator claimed the new card art for Chloe/Kuro (and Melusine) was not the reason behind the subreddit being banned, though.

Many may believe otherwise as the moderator also announced new rules forbidding users from posting the official card art for several loli characters:

The new bikini card art for Chloe and Melusine:

The official card art that can no longer be posted on the Grand Order subreddit:

Another Twitter user pointed out Reddit’s hypocrisy over having an alleged issue over the loli artwork. A clever post pointed out there exist several subreddits dedicated to certain questionable fetishes:

Loli artwork is often denigrated by inept social media addicts and keyboard warriors as “pedophilia”, despite the fact that the characters are fictional.

Fate/Grand Order has been available for iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via Google Play).



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