Fans Mod R. Mika’s Buttslap, More Back Into Retail Version of Street Fighter V

street fighter v 12-08-15-1

We’ve previously covered how Capcom has censored R. Mika’s buttslap (among other things) in Street Fighter V. Now that the game has fully launched, fans have been tireless working to mod the be-jesus out of the PC version.

One such mod has already arisen not even 24 hours after the game’s PC release – a mod that adds back R. Mika’s full buttslap. As with any mod, it’s worth mentioning this could seriously corrupt your game install, so back everything up – and use in good health.

The modding community also modded back in Cammy’s full intro sequence, which Capcom quietly cropped things out of view in the finished version of the game.

Now we just need fans to mod back in the original piledriver split Zangief puts his opponents into!

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