Fans Have Already Started Modding and Improving Final Fantasy XIII’s Performance on PC

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Square Enix has very recently put the original Final Fantasy XIII on the PC, and the fan reception has been somewhat lukewarm. Like other predominantly console-oriented developers/publishers, Square decided to lock the performance at a certain cap of visual fidelity/performance, and it seems that cap is somewhat disappointing.

Enter modder/enthusiast Durante, known for his work on previously locked/underperforming games like Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, a game that he got performing better within 23 minutes. He’s now released an updated version of his GeDoSaTo tool/compiler, which enables fans to essentially “unlock” the potential that games have as far as performance goes.

With a vanilla install, Final Fantasy XIII is capped out at a 1280 x 720 resolution, which any PC gaming enthusiast knows is a pretty damn low setting for a supposedly bleeding-edge game, for its time anyway. Durante explains in his blog how it works:

“GeDoSaTo is a utility for modifying the rendering of games. Its primary purpose is allowing for downsampling without any limitations and with high quality filtering, but it can also be used to inject various effects, hid HuDs, or even add new capabilities with game-specific plugins.”

It’s worth noting the tool is still in beta stage, and as such might produce unsavory things for your Final Fantasy XIII game. Still, the above screenshot (from Durante’s blog) is evidence of how pretty the game can be running on PC. If you’re willing to give it a try, GeDoSaTo is now available on Durante’s blog.



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