Fan Builds the Ultimate Mecha Cockpit for Steel Battalion

A Steel Battalion enthusiast has done the seemingly impossible – he’s built an entire functioning cockpit to accompany the Xbox original, providing an experience that is probably the closest we’ll get to piloting a mecha in our lifetimes.

Featured above, you can view a trailer for what creator David Shuff calls the B.S.B.B. (Big Steel Battalion Box) Mk II., a complete working arcade-like cabinet featuring the original game and its behemoth controller.

Steel Battalion launched on the original Xbox back in 2002, and it was notorious for its massive and somewhat overwhelming controller, which featured around 40 buttons and three pedals that all manipulate things in game. Some of these include your eject button (covered with a protective casing), and your wind-shield wipers, but this new cockpit goes above and beyond anything the original experience could have ever had.

Dave has added ventilation, alarm lights, a working telephone to the outside (for those pre-mission briefings, of course), external CRT displays to showcase your progress (or failures) to presumably your commanding officer, and more. The setup even has it’s own mechanical door (to seal off the outside world and give that real cockpit feel), rumble seat, and fire extinguisher – you know, just in case you have to put out those nasty electrical fires.

You can read more about Dave’s B.S.B.B. project here on its official website. If you ever look into mass-producing these Dave, we’d like to buy one for the Niche Gamer office.

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