Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Live Out Your Post-Apoc Life As A Stormtrooper

The first mod ever released for Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind was one that added Boba Fett’s armor into the game. For some strange reason, there has been a seemingly unspoken agreement that Star Wars themes eventually fill up every Bethesda game ever since. Continuing that long tradition is a new mod that, thanks to the work of four separate modders, allows you to play as an imperial stormtrooper.

The mod’s armor is a bit underwhelming though, with it merely being a re-texturing of the already available heavy combat armor you find in the later stages of the main quest. Regardless, the helmet, armor, sound effects and black vault suit mod all combine to create a fairly convincing look, provided you don’t mind “breaking lore”. Also, it should be noted this is based on the original trilogy’s trooper design, not the newer (and some would say, better looking) first order trooper armor.

The four parts you’ll need for the full effect are as follows:

Stormtrooper Armor by Stiptikspec

Stormtrooper Helmet by xxdeathknight72xx

Black Vaultsuit by shiz0

Blaster Sounds by norelon

Queue the jokes about the armor affecting accuracy…

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