Fable Studio has created South Park episodes with AI

South Park Robot

Fable Studio has been working on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered program that can create television shows.

As a proof of concept, they trained the program to create full length episodes of South Park. All creative assets except for the characters were generated by AI, that includes the voices, the animation, and most surprisingly the story. A prompt was given but it appears most of the actual “writing” was done by AI.

In the Twitter thread above there’s AI-generated episodes of South Park ranging in length from 5 minutes to over 20 minutes. The voices are a bit uncanny and are obviously faked through AI, lacking the kind of tone anyone familiar with the show would notice.

The program isn’t INTENDED to make episodes of South Park, it’s just an example they used for comparison. However the end goal is supposedly to allow users to create their own IPs.

At the time of writing the program is unavailable for commercial use.



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