Experience Mecha Civil War in Defenders of Ekron

Inspired by the epic mecha and war anime of years gone by, In Vitro Games is bringing their first title to the PlayStation 4, Defenders of Ekron.

Originally teased as “Project Mega,” Defenders of Ekron is a hybrid action-adventure/shmup. Players take the role of a young rookie pilot, Eneas, who has trained his entire life to pilot a cutting-edge mech known as the Anakim.

The Anakim has the ability to use special attacks with collected energy, called Isvara. However, during a test run, Eneas fails to produce an Isvara. This leads him to join an experimental program to try to protect his nation, as civil war breaks out.

The game plays from the top-down perspective across wide areas. The devs promise an epic, albeit bleak story, and challenging, rewarding gameplay.

Defender of Ekron is coming this Holiday season for the PlayStation 4. Other platforms are likely. To get a sense of the tone, samples of the game’s soundtrack are available below for listening.



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