Exil, a post apocalyptic metroidvania inspired by Hollow Knight, announces Kickstarter

Exil Announcement Thumbnail

Mystic Clockwork Studio have announced Exil is getting a Kickstarter campaign soon. The game is openly inspired by games such as Hollow Knight and Cuphead, and is describes as a post apocalyptic metroidvania platformer.

Exil has a Kickstarter campaign set to begin soon after 5 years of its sole developer working on the game prior. The game will be coming to PC (via Steam) and the team has further plans for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox releases as well.

The company is headed by Napat Saeung and Kenichiro Suehiro, the latter has composed music in many popular anime projects such as Re:Zero, Fire Force, and Goblin Slayer.

Here’s a rundown of Exil via Mystic Clockwork Studio:

A battle-intensive, post-apocalyptic Metroidvania inspired by Hollow Knight and Cuphead!

  • A Vast, Interconnected, and Desolate World – Explore the rich, vast, atmospheric world filled with massive dungeons, complex cities, and exotic biomes. Enjoy a diverse range of hand-painted environments, seamlessly woven together into multiple mega-floating islands. And relish in your adventure through the punishing but rewarding post-apocalyptic world of Exil.
  • Masterfully Composed ScoreKenichiro Suehiro, best known for his music in Re:Zero, Goblin Slayer, and Fire Force, joins to bring life to Exil with his stellar, soul-gripping orchestral score!
  • Action-Packed Fights – The tight and fluid controls are easy to learn, but hard to master. Switch through an arsenal of ability loadouts that are unlocked as you discover the unknown and fight overwhelming hordes of enemies and formidable bosses.
  • Exquisitely Crafted Story – Challenge yourself to piece together fragments of this epic, multilayered story of Exil. Inspired by masterpieces such as NieR:Automata and Attack on Titan.


Humanity was wiped out during a massive war. What remains are the robots and androids on the floating islands caused by the destruction of the war. What path will the robots and androids take in a world without their masters.



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