Ex-Blizzard devs launch Stormgate Kickstarter, funded in under 15 minutes


Ex-Blizzard Entertainment developers Frost Giant Studios launched the Kickstarter campaign for Stormgate, their promising new RTS game – and it was funded nearly instantly.

The Kickstarter campaign for Stormgate was seeking a mere $100,000 and it was funded in under fifteen minutes – at the time of writing it has raked in over a million dollars and multiple times its original goal.

To be clear – Frost Giant didn’t need a Kickstarter to fund or complete the game, this is purely to get fans more features they want and most importantly: get physical merch and early beta access.

Stretch goals that have been reached now include: an arctic tileset for the in-game editor, a HUD skin, more 3vE weekly mutators for custom maps, and a new player assist tool. There’s more stretch goals for things like highly coveted profile portraits.

Here’s a thank you message from Frost Giant Studios:

Stormgate is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and has a playable beta currently running. Expect our thorough hands-on preview shortly.



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