Everything in Final Fantasy Type-0 is Re-Rendered for PS4 and XB1

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Square Enix has published a new interview with Final Fantasy Type-0 producer Hajime Tabata, and we’ve found something very juicy in the middle of it.

When asked what kind of improvements fans could expect in the home console version over the Playstation Portable original, Tabata replied:

“Definitely the graphics. In improving these graphics we also utilized the development from FINAL FANTASY XV to not only improve things like lighting effects, but we also re-rendered everything specifically for the PS4 and XBox One.”

The interviewer pressed Tabata with some more questions, asking him if Type-0 would essentially be a “sneak peek” at what to expect from Final Fantasy XV:

“In terms of the graphics, yes, we did utilize some of those key learnings from FINAL FANTASY XV to refine the game. Things like graphics were refined as well as some of the combat, which have been leveled up for the HD version.”

Many fans of the series were hotly anticipating the game for a Playstation Vita release, whether it was in HD or not. Unfortunately for them, Square Enix seems to have simply dropped the platform, focusing on the home consoles instead.

The development of Final Fantasy Type-0 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One is currently sitting at 80% percent, and will see a release within the next year.



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